Monday, December 01, 2014


It has been seven whole years since Ohvola sold its first dress, and we thought it’s about time that we gave our brand a little polish to better reflect the stylish, positive and amazing women who have grown up with us. Before we forge ahead to bring Ohvola to even more exciting places, we want to share with you the moments that have come to define our journey. Thank you for sharing in our dreams with us!!


How we got started 

Lu: Back in my university days when I had to bring in something which we were passionate about to sell at the pushcart (an initiative by the school's entrepreneurship club). I knew it had to be dresses, so I brought some in and the response was pretty good. Over time, it got too time-consuming managing the pushcart, so we brought it online to manage our time better. 

Jol: While Lu was in her lectures, I'd drop by after school to man the pushcart. Fortunately, our school was just next to each other which made things easier (SIM & Ngee Ann Poly). We started off with Livejournal as our platform for a few years before migrating to our own domain because we couldn't manage the growing customer base.


Our most memorable moments  

Lu: When we moved into our first office at Defu Lane, that was an exciting moment! It was just a small space, but I felt so happy. It was a dream come true. 

Jol: When we had our very first warehouse sale - I was completely overwhelmed with happiness at the turnout of the event as it was also our first 'official' time meeting our customers in real life. Felt like a proud mama.

What we love most about Ohvola 

Lu: I am proud of our self-manufactured designs - it makes me even happier whenever I spot our clothes on the streets.  

Jol: My biggest joy is to be recognized for our efforts. Whenever we receive a nice comment or a positive feedback on our clothes, it just brings a smile to my face that our hard work is being recognized.

Our sisterhood & partnership 

Lu: Decision-making is quite a breeze because we are so close, our taste and preferences can be quite similar. Sometimes, we know what each other is thinking even without saying. That said, we do have our fair share of quarrels too. But, we forget about them the very next moment because we know work always comes first. 

Jol: The thing about working together as sisters is we can talk about work even during bed time, I'm not too sure if it's a good or bad thing. The best part of it is that we can be very straight-forward with our thoughts or ideas. For example: if we fail to agree on something, we can go straight to the point without having to worry about 'hurting' our partner's feelings.

Our hopes, dreams and inspiration 

Lu: My biggest dream would be for Ohvola to become an internationally renowned brand. 

Jol: There are many things running in my head now and of course I'm definitely hoping to see Hollywood stars wearing our label one day. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream big! 

And most importantly, our inspiration: mum - she's our superwoman. She has always been so motivated and grounded in whatever she does. She knows her priorities, and I really admire her attitude towards work and life in general. Ohvola wouldn't be where we are without our mother, who has been so encouraging at our every step.