What you've been waiting for! — OHVOLA WAREHOUSE SALE 2018

Read all the way to find out how you can win a pair of VIP passes which will entitle you to early access to the sale before everyone else.warehouse sales blogpost

Giveaway happening over at our Instagram page - WIN a pair of VIP passes which will entitle you to early access!

Mark the dates now and we can't wait to see you there x

Love, Ohvola Team



Ever wondered who are some of the people behind the scenes? This week, we have a little Q&A segment that showcases each of us!

1406 blogpost

Hope that gave you a peek into our personalities!

Love, Ohvola Team


Meet Novita (Lam)

 All things feminine and leading the fitness lifestyle — don't underestimate her ability to pull off chic and classy looks.

Read on to find out 8 things you never knew about her. Follow her on Instagram @novitalam.

novita blogpost

Enjoy all of Novita's picks at 15% off now with code: NOVITA15. Shop the featured items online today — https://ohvola.com/4-featured-items /

Love, Ohvola Team


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