Trinket Mesh Dress


Specially Manufactured by Ohvola

Got a date night? The Trinket Mesh Dress is a soft textured mesh overlay dress featuring polka dot prints and a ruched collar. Concealed back zip, comes with a rayon polyester inner piece. 

Size XS: 16"ptp 14"waist 32"length
Size S: 17"ptp 15"waist 32"length
Size M: 18"ptp 16"waist 32"length
Size L: 19"ptp 17"waist 32"length
Model stands 1.65m, wears UK 4-6, size XS 

Inner Layer
Size XS: 16"ptp 17"waist 30"length
Size S: 17"ptp 18"waist 30"length
Size M: 18"ptp 19"waist 30"length
Size L: 20"ptp 20"waist 30"length

Model stands 1.65m, wears UK 4-6, size XS